Advantages and Disadvantage of thank you letter send after a job interview

Today we have to discuss about a thank you letter which is send after a job interview if you going to take any interview then you know what is thank you letter and what is it important in the field of job. thank you letter is a we letter in which we have to to thank a person who is conducted interview in a particular company we have to think that person and said that thank you you are coming for interview.

Many people said that with thank you letter it is an unnecessary exercise they believe that it is a counter-productive and some of them think that it is a excellent way to thank a person. if he was selected or rejected because it increases confident of a person in which a particular person can do more from now.

Set timer for competition so in this competitive world sending a thank you letter after a job interview it makes some sens because today we will live in a wonderful world. there are a lot of facilities like email sending messages etc so sending a thank you letter after job interview is very easy and fast as comparison to sending a thank you letter via post.

Advantages of thank you letter send after a job interview

There are a lot of major advantages of a thank you letter which send after job interview nowadays there are a very fast facility email in which we can send a thank you letter and this is going very fast trending nowadays. so we all have Smartphone and we all have use Gmail so we have connect our gmail with all job interviews and all important document so all the important messages are directly sent to our Gmail.

so we use smartphone and we have to send a good thank you letter within a few minute by using a Gmail if you have not our facility of smartphone and you can go a Cyber Cafe or somewhere else where internet connection is available. so you can send a thank you letter from there nowadays millions of people use Gmail and millions of people go for a job interview Delhi so return a particular thank you letter is very hard working process so written at thank you later on Gmail is a good way and a good habit to thank a person he or she is coming for a job interview.

Sending a thank you letter is a clear indication that the process is going excellent your interview is doing excellent and the letter conveys your appreciation for a time and efforts of the interviewer person. thank you latter is also clear indication of job rejection or job and this is also a indirect way to say a people dead you are not selected for a job in that way the interviewor person don’t think bad.

Disadvantages of thank you letter sending after a job interview

Disadvantage of sending us thank you letter after a job interview it may sometimes create a major drawback specially there are very several applicant for the same job so walk and interview is very common usually eyespot decisions. whether or not to hire a job at taken during a walk in interviews so in such cases thank you later is not helping much expected so it maybe e-emphasys employee death justice missed your application.

But there are many other disadvantages of thank you letter which is standing after a job interview in any company and employee would not entertain any correspondence for a job seeker interview in such cases. you are not able to break of the No correspondence clause and could not lose their opportunities that was almost yours so in that way the thank you letter creating a misconstraint or we can see that thank you letter are not working in that case.

Thank you letter creating a big issue like D motivate a person this will impact a bad impression on job interviewer he or she will be demotivatedor the thing they are not able to get any job so this is a big issue that at thank you later can creating bad impact on the person.

What we have to do for sending a thankyou letter

There are some important point that we have to observe while before sending thank you letter to interviewer there are some important points that we have to know about a thank you letter let’s see what that all important point.

  • Before sending a thank you letter to identify your bi have to you know the name and address of that person and also a contact information we have to to get a proper detail of a interviewer person.
  • Sometimes due to a wrong information thank you letter is send to a wrong person so we have to make sure that the thank you later goes to a right person.
  • Thank you letter after job interview is very necessary because this is a surety of a job clear ration or job rejection so make sure the thank you letter is send to a person.

So guys this is all about a thank you letter which is sent after job interview so I hope you enjoy this information and this information will helps you a lot so if you like this information please comment us while commenting on a comment box and also give your wonderful because your wonderful comment or reviews will help us to get more and more information and more detail about a different topics

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